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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I worried, but he pratically had no idea we were gone

Sunday, my hubby and I went to a church retreat. I'll write more on the retreat later. This post is simply about having to leave my baby boy behind for the firs time. RC is 2.5 years old now and spent his first nights away from home and away from family for 2 nights while we took Tank (aka Little Critter) to a church retreat for staff and staff in training.

I was very nervous. We wanted to bring RC home from church and take him to his friends house. They were taking him to lunch after church instead so we had to say goodbye at church. RC just gave us a look like "okay you can leave now. You've said goodbye like a million times." I wanted to just cry.

I knew he was in good hands and with one of his older friends he just loves to hang out with (and sadly will be moving halfway across the WORLD soon!), but I still just couldn't help but worry how he would do come bedtime.

Well he did fantastic. In fact, my friend said he went with no paci for both nights! He did get a little sad when my friend walked to our place to bring our milk inside for us. He got to our apartment and said "mommy's back" and then got sad when he was told we weren't back.

He perked up fairly fast though. The bonus of being 2.5 years old!

Upon our return, he was happy to see us. Get gave me a big hug, got his shoes on and went out to "find da" as he says. He got to play with another friend when we got home.

Then it was bedtime. Oh how he did not want to go to bed without his paci. We kept it away at first and let him cry for a little bit. Then we went back in as he wasn't settling down. He wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with me. It broke my heart. He usually wants to "nuggle" at bedtime and read stories with me. He wanted none of it before his complete breakdown or after.

He finally fell asleep with no paci to wake not 30 minutes later crying again. He was practically still asleep during this fit. Travis decided to let him have the paci...and what does he do. Immediately stop crying and fully pass out.

Oh how I wish he would ditch that paci. I am so thankfully he did great for his first time away from home, but tomorrow I pray he wants nuggles from mommy again!!!