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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Story

At today's service the sermon was on a Christmas Story. You're probably thinking...okay, we've all heard that story about a million times. Well...not this one. Today's Christmas story was on the perspective of Heaven and what went on the day Jesus was born.

Take a look at Revelations 12. As part of today, we were reminded that we are still in a war against Satan and must stay on our guard to keep warding him off.

Today was a perfect lesson as Travis and I begin to decide just how we want to do Christmas and be able to teach RC and Baby #2 about the season and holiday.

We really want to get back to the real purpose of Christmas and not just make it about the gifts, Santa Clause, etc.

How do you make Christ a part of Christmas?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 14

Not much as changed. I still have a few weeks before my next appointment. I don't go back until January.

The biggest thing right now is that it seems like "morning sickness" is not calming down with the 2nd trimester starting. Give it I am super grateful I do not get sick like some others do, but it still stinks to get sick almost every morning at this point just because I am hot.

At this rate, I am going to need to buy some new shorts and t-shirts as almost every morning I leave in basketball shorts and a t-shirt just to stay cool enough to not get sick, especially while driving the boys to school!

My energy is back up a bit. There are still times that I am just exhausted before noon, but most days I can get a nap in or push through it.

Sleeping is a bit better right now. Probably because the days I am so exhausted I hit the bed and pretty much fall asleep immediately.

I can't wait until Jan. 30th for the big ultrasound. Travis and I started talking names a bit last night, but will be so much easier once we know. Plus then we will know if we need new clothes (or cloth diapers) or not too!

Friday, December 7, 2012

RC Singing

Lately RC has really started chattering more and more. We still have no idea what he is trying to say as none of it makes any sense. In the car, he likes to sing. Below is what I recorded. To get it to upload though I had to make it into a video so I just chose a cute picture of RC.

Pregnancy Update: 13 weeks & 2nd Trimester

Things are definitely looking better now that I have made it to 13 weeks. Monday I had my 12 week appointment (was 12 weeks and 4 days at the time). I was able to ear my Little Critter's heartbeat which was a strong 160 bpm.

There is no more bleeding and the doctor said we should be okay now! Thank you all for the prayers!

When it comes to differences between RC's pregnancy and this one...of course the bleeding, but also what makes me sick. I still want to puke if I smell fresh fish or freshly ground coffee, but I'm talking more along the lines that with RC if I didn't eat quickly after getting out of bed, I would get sick. This time around, when I get up, if I don't stay cool I get sick. Almost every morning I am taking KJ and Billy, our exchange students, to school in shorts and a t-shirt. Poor KJ hates when he hears me sick in the morning because he means the heat in the car doesn't go above 70! LOL

The other big difference is how pregnant I look already. I have already had to switch to maternity pants and even some shirts! With RC it took much longer for my belly to pop. I couldn't find any pictures from my pregnancy with RC (because I hate taking pics of myself), but I already feel like I match what I looked like around the 5 month mark with RC! 
taken at 12 weeks 3 days
 I just hope I don't explode with this pregnancy. So far I have lost 4.6 pounds! This is really good. I am really trying to watch my weight this time so that I can try for labor after a c-section (TLAC or also a VBAC).

If all goes well through the pregnancy we should be able to end it naturally. I pray this can happen. My c-section wasn't bad, but more can actually go wrong during a c-section after you have already had one.