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Monday, December 2, 2013

To Elf on the Shelf or Not?

That is the question for this year. Last year we did pull out the Elf on the Shelf my sister had gotten for us. I struggled though with part of the idea behind it being a naughty elf and getting into trouble. With RC having been 18 months last year at Christmas and that we had started battling with him and the naughty things he was doing, I felt having our elf do anything naughty was wrong.

This year, I really struggled with whether or not I even wanted to bring our elf back out. We want to focus on the reason we celebrate Christmas. We want to celebrate Jesus. We don't want RC and Tank to think it's just about the presents. This year I decided to search around and see how we might be able to make it work. After all, RC did enough having Qwerty around last year and this year can understand it even more.

Last night Qwerty came back with a letter from Santa. Even though we aren't going to push Santa, we still will get pictures with him and have some fun. We'll let the boys make up their mind as they get older.

The letter from Santa was a request to have Qwerty spend the Christmas season with us so that he might learn about Jesus from RC. He needs to learn how to pray to Jesus and learn that Christmas isn't about presents!

Tonight during our bedtime routine, Qwerty joined us to listen to our Bible story and to pray. Oh and if you haven't maybe figured out, Qwerty the Elf is allowed to be played with. He must stay on the mantle during the night to watch over us all.

RC - "Jeus"
A goal of having Qwerty around is to help RC with things like praying as well. We'll see how all this works out this year. Along with trying to teach Qwerty about Jesus and how to pray, we'll be trying some nightly activities with scriptures and crafts!