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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pregnancy Update - 37 weeks & 1 day

Officially full-term! Little Critter is welcome to come at any time now! Yesterday was my 37 week check. Things are still looking good. No additional dilation...still barely a 1. Currently just trying to get any last minute things done and keep up with things like the cloth diapers, house work, etc. all so that when he decides to come, there isn't 3 days worth of diapers to wash for RC and none for him to wear!

Next week at my 38 week check I will be having an ultrasound to check his estimated weight. Their purpose for this they say is for me to then decide if I still want to try for labor after c-section or just have another c-section. So far I don't think they will be able to sway me into another c-section unless they can come to me with medical proof why it is necessary. We'll see how it all goes.

I can't wait to meet Little Critter. Hopefully it won't be too much longer!

Pregnancy Update: Hospital Trial Run!

Oh a trial run was not what we were wanting least not at 10pm!

It all started on Saturday night after I was in bed. I rolled over and ouch was it painful. I could tell it wasn't a contraction it was just pain. It went away as soon as I got settled into a position. I'd roll and it would hurt again.

By Sunday morning, I was in excruciating pain. It didn't help that I ended up sitting on a hard floor at church with Richard for a while either. That day, I could barely walk. The pain was horrible. Once I got walking, it felt a little better. It was still there, but at least was a stabbing pain. I'd stop, sit down or lay down and as soon as I got up...stabbing pain. Once it almost sent me to the floor.

I called the doctor's after hour number, left a message to be called and took a nap. No call. Later I tried again. Still no return call. Finally I called back a third time and they physically called the person versus paging them. Verdict...go be checked out at labor and delivery since the pain had been constant all day. Though by this point with the research I had done, I was pretty sure it was all normal and I just had to deal with it. Oh the joys of pregnancy!

My poor hubby was exhausted and here I was having to go say..."no you're not going to bed, we're going to the hospital to be checked after all!" So here we were grabbing my bags just in case, telling one of our exchange students that was due to be driven to the airport at 7am the next day that we had to leave and be checked out. I told him, all should be okay and we should be back soon, but for some reason if we are not...we'll make sure someone is here by 7am to get you to the airport. At first, he thought I was joking with him!

At the hospital I get hooked up to be monitored and checked. It was very hard to describe the pain properly. It was constant yet by constant I mean it would be sharp pain all day if I moved...except if I walked for a really long time. LOL The nurse definitely looked confused.

All in all after Little Critter was stubborn with being on the monitor, she finally got enough reading to call the doctor. It was decided that it was just round ligament stretching and for me to go home, take Tylenol and perhaps a warm bath. Just as I figured...pretty much a waste of time to go up; however, I did get to realize I need to go buy some additional contact cases because apparently, I only have one! LOL

So here I am two days later, round ligament pain mostly gone and back to back pain! I suppose I'll take the back pains over the round ligament pains any day at least if it's as bad as it was Sunday. I think I much rather would have preferred being in labor!

I still am not 100% sure how I'll proceed with my delivery options of Little Critter. I want to try for labor after c-section, but I am thinking if Little Critter doesn't decide to come on his own and they were to need to induce me, that I would rather have a c-section instead.

What would you do if your first was emergency c-section due to cord around foot and no signs of labor started...second time around would you opt for c-section automatically or trying for labor?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Toy Storage...What To Do?

As we get closer to Little Critter's arrival and our exchange students we are hosting heading home, I have been thinking more and more about how to redo RC's room. In just a few weeks he will be going from toddler bed to twin bed (with 3 drawers on the bed frame).

That storage will help but I am thinking using it for linen storage to start with. My main problem with his toys is he is having trouble with the concept of not dumping every bucket of toys. We are working on this, but so far it is a slow progress.

We also don't have the ability to just store most his toys in an unaccessible closet leaving only a few out. So does anyone have any suggestions for toy storage of things like, cars (specifically little wheelies), little people accessories, blocks, etc.

We have been using mostly a rack that holds removable bins but that just isn't working it seem. Thoughts to help this momma better control the mess of his room? 

It is the main place he plays as we just don't have room in our living room for all his toys. We also are not able to anchor furniture in the room so it can't be anything too tall and easy to tip over.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Veggie Tales Birthday - RC turns 2!

This year for RC's birthday I decided to go with his favorite thing..."uh uh" or rather Veggie Tales! RC LOVES Veggie Tales. Probably because it's the only show he actually gets to watch right now. How can one not like the biblical based veggies stories?

After searching the web for ideas, I found a few to put together his party. First I scored a costume from Lifeway for him to wear...but of course, he wouldn't wear it for the party. So instead he wore his Veggie Tales t-shirt. Which still worked out, but doesn't my little God's Super Hero look so cute?

The food I kept pretty simple. Mostly veggies and fruit and then some pizza. Only some of the food was themed toward the show like:

Pa Grape
Madame Blueberry
Laura Carrot
Cheese Curls (which thankfully did not come alive and try to eat us like in the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything show!)

The rest of the food were not from the shows, but were still yummy: strawberries, broccoli, pizza and of course cake!

The cake. My favorite part of getting ready for a birthday! I decided to be crazy and try another "mad hatter" cake. If you don't remember the fiasco I had back in October this style cake literally drove me mad! This time, I used a Groupon to score actually cake pans meant for this type of cake! So it came out much better.

Instead of making the Veggie Tale characters I decided to use some of the action figures RC would be getting as a present. They were perfect for the cake and made it much cheaper and less time consuming as well!

The decorations I kept pretty simple. For the table just plain colors to match bob the tomato and other characters from the show. I cut out larry the cucumber shaped pieces from green construction paper and spread them on the table. I used some of RC's Veggie Tale toys on the table too.

The rest were just prints I made on the computer, cut them out and glued to construction paper then hung on the window. For my two year old, it was enough. He was impressed and kept saying "cool" as he pointed to them.

It's hard to see in this picture but the bottom right is a big red poster board with Bob the Tomato drawn on it for pin the nose on Bob!

Bob and Larry balloon for the birthday boy's chair of honor for cake eating!

King George's Ducky Punch! Yummy!

Happy Family...sorta. Birthday boy wanted his cake already! LOL

Yummy! This year, he dug right into his cake. He even used his fork!

Pin the nose on Bob. RC actually nailed the nose in the right spot, but the prize went to one of his friends instead!

Coloring Veggie Tale sheets I downloaded from Veggie Tales website.

Present time. This year RC got the whole idea and tore into his gifts.

All in all it was a very successful 2nd birthday for RC. He had a lot of fun with his friends.

Baby Shower from Church Friends

My friends at church threw me a baby shower recently. It was amazing. It was a great time of fellowship, eating yummy food, playing fun games, and celebrating my Little Critter.

The girls did an great job with everything. It really made me feel so loved with the effort that went into the shower and all those that came to show their support.

 The game they did was pretty funny. Since we cloth diaper, they were going to get scraps of cloth to have teams make a diaper out of. Instead toilet paper had to be used and the goal was to create a cloth diaper and I had to pick the winning team. Let's just say I couldn't stop laughing!

Here are 3rd and 4th place. We have on the left a cloth diaper with suspenders and "sumo" baby cloth diaper with a bonnet included. LOL

The top two where tough to decide between. The runner up included a tool belt with their cloth diaper. It holds things like paci's, bottles, etc.

The number one really had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to need to pause and use the restroom!

The whole "outfit" included a cloth bib that once the top was wet through, you could simply remove and the next available bib would be ready. The hat was an all weather hat. It had removable ear flaps for when it was too hot outside! The best part was the cloth was a cloth diaper meant for newborn through toddler years and even had access for potty training! Genius idea!

 As I opened all my gifts, someone at the party creates a hat from parts of the wrapping paper and tissue. Here's mine...complete with curly bangs!

 The cup cakes were delicious and had homemade chocolate toppings on them!

Here's a shot of everyone at the party. It's hard to imagine that with RC, I had no one here and now I have all these lovely ladies in my life!

Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks

Wow it seems like forever since I updated last. Okay, in pregnancy life...4 weeks is forever! LOL

So far Little Critter is doing well. He is currently measuring slightly small; at least my belly is measuring slightly small. At 38 weeks the doctor said I will have an ultrasound to measure his weight to better determine if I still want to try for labor after c-section (TFLAC). That answer right now is not changing from YES!

My next appointment is at 36 weeks and then will be weekly from there. Next time I get to have all the "fun" stuff done. The strep test gets done and they are going to start checking for dilation, etc.

I gained another 3 pounds. Oops...I was a bit naughty with the whole carbs to protein ratio. Must do better at that! I don't want to blow my chance for a TFLAC after all! Over all weight gain though is still only about 10 pounds from where I started at my first OB appointment, so I am happy with that. We won't count the weight I lost and then gained back plus the 10! ;) LOL

I am also starting to have possible Braxton Hick's contractions. At least from what I described to the doctor she thinks that I am. Which is perfectly normal at this stage but also is pushing me to get my bag packed, instructions for washing diapers for Travis, and a bag for Richard together for when he needs to go with a friend! This time I really want to be ready and currently....I am NOT!

We did finally get a big chair out of our room and a small space started for Little Critter. He will be in our room for a week or more depending on when he comes until his room is available. Our last exchange student leaves around June 20th, so it won't be until then that Little Critter gets his own room. We are not co-sleepers here nor are we sharers of our bedroom.

 For now I am trying to get as much sleep as I can. Nights are starting to already get adjusted to up every few hours. It really is amazing how much one has to pee during pregnancy even when you don't drink anything! I guess it's the body's way of preparing for all those late night feedings!

Now it's time to get all the little details taken care of so we are prepared!