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Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Shower from Church Friends

My friends at church threw me a baby shower recently. It was amazing. It was a great time of fellowship, eating yummy food, playing fun games, and celebrating my Little Critter.

The girls did an great job with everything. It really made me feel so loved with the effort that went into the shower and all those that came to show their support.

 The game they did was pretty funny. Since we cloth diaper, they were going to get scraps of cloth to have teams make a diaper out of. Instead toilet paper had to be used and the goal was to create a cloth diaper and I had to pick the winning team. Let's just say I couldn't stop laughing!

Here are 3rd and 4th place. We have on the left a cloth diaper with suspenders and "sumo" baby cloth diaper with a bonnet included. LOL

The top two where tough to decide between. The runner up included a tool belt with their cloth diaper. It holds things like paci's, bottles, etc.

The number one really had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to need to pause and use the restroom!

The whole "outfit" included a cloth bib that once the top was wet through, you could simply remove and the next available bib would be ready. The hat was an all weather hat. It had removable ear flaps for when it was too hot outside! The best part was the cloth was a cloth diaper meant for newborn through toddler years and even had access for potty training! Genius idea!

 As I opened all my gifts, someone at the party creates a hat from parts of the wrapping paper and tissue. Here's mine...complete with curly bangs!

 The cup cakes were delicious and had homemade chocolate toppings on them!

Here's a shot of everyone at the party. It's hard to imagine that with RC, I had no one here and now I have all these lovely ladies in my life!

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