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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Toy Storage...What To Do?

As we get closer to Little Critter's arrival and our exchange students we are hosting heading home, I have been thinking more and more about how to redo RC's room. In just a few weeks he will be going from toddler bed to twin bed (with 3 drawers on the bed frame).

That storage will help but I am thinking using it for linen storage to start with. My main problem with his toys is he is having trouble with the concept of not dumping every bucket of toys. We are working on this, but so far it is a slow progress.

We also don't have the ability to just store most his toys in an unaccessible closet leaving only a few out. So does anyone have any suggestions for toy storage of things like, cars (specifically little wheelies), little people accessories, blocks, etc.

We have been using mostly a rack that holds removable bins but that just isn't working it seem. Thoughts to help this momma better control the mess of his room? 

It is the main place he plays as we just don't have room in our living room for all his toys. We also are not able to anchor furniture in the room so it can't be anything too tall and easy to tip over.

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  1. I'm really behind on reading your blog! We put some of Andy's toys in 18 gallon bins with lids that he can't get off. Rubbermaid has them, or you can get other brands at Home Depot/Lowe's. Let's me dump the toys in and put a lid on so he can't open it so less of a mess! I would probably keep toys in the bed drawers, he might just take and toss the linens all over.