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Friday, May 3, 2013

Veggie Tales Birthday - RC turns 2!

This year for RC's birthday I decided to go with his favorite thing..."uh uh" or rather Veggie Tales! RC LOVES Veggie Tales. Probably because it's the only show he actually gets to watch right now. How can one not like the biblical based veggies stories?

After searching the web for ideas, I found a few to put together his party. First I scored a costume from Lifeway for him to wear...but of course, he wouldn't wear it for the party. So instead he wore his Veggie Tales t-shirt. Which still worked out, but doesn't my little God's Super Hero look so cute?

The food I kept pretty simple. Mostly veggies and fruit and then some pizza. Only some of the food was themed toward the show like:

Pa Grape
Madame Blueberry
Laura Carrot
Cheese Curls (which thankfully did not come alive and try to eat us like in the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything show!)

The rest of the food were not from the shows, but were still yummy: strawberries, broccoli, pizza and of course cake!

The cake. My favorite part of getting ready for a birthday! I decided to be crazy and try another "mad hatter" cake. If you don't remember the fiasco I had back in October this style cake literally drove me mad! This time, I used a Groupon to score actually cake pans meant for this type of cake! So it came out much better.

Instead of making the Veggie Tale characters I decided to use some of the action figures RC would be getting as a present. They were perfect for the cake and made it much cheaper and less time consuming as well!

The decorations I kept pretty simple. For the table just plain colors to match bob the tomato and other characters from the show. I cut out larry the cucumber shaped pieces from green construction paper and spread them on the table. I used some of RC's Veggie Tale toys on the table too.

The rest were just prints I made on the computer, cut them out and glued to construction paper then hung on the window. For my two year old, it was enough. He was impressed and kept saying "cool" as he pointed to them.

It's hard to see in this picture but the bottom right is a big red poster board with Bob the Tomato drawn on it for pin the nose on Bob!

Bob and Larry balloon for the birthday boy's chair of honor for cake eating!

King George's Ducky Punch! Yummy!

Happy Family...sorta. Birthday boy wanted his cake already! LOL

Yummy! This year, he dug right into his cake. He even used his fork!

Pin the nose on Bob. RC actually nailed the nose in the right spot, but the prize went to one of his friends instead!

Coloring Veggie Tale sheets I downloaded from Veggie Tales website.

Present time. This year RC got the whole idea and tore into his gifts.

All in all it was a very successful 2nd birthday for RC. He had a lot of fun with his friends.

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