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Friday, December 14, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 14

Not much as changed. I still have a few weeks before my next appointment. I don't go back until January.

The biggest thing right now is that it seems like "morning sickness" is not calming down with the 2nd trimester starting. Give it I am super grateful I do not get sick like some others do, but it still stinks to get sick almost every morning at this point just because I am hot.

At this rate, I am going to need to buy some new shorts and t-shirts as almost every morning I leave in basketball shorts and a t-shirt just to stay cool enough to not get sick, especially while driving the boys to school!

My energy is back up a bit. There are still times that I am just exhausted before noon, but most days I can get a nap in or push through it.

Sleeping is a bit better right now. Probably because the days I am so exhausted I hit the bed and pretty much fall asleep immediately.

I can't wait until Jan. 30th for the big ultrasound. Travis and I started talking names a bit last night, but will be so much easier once we know. Plus then we will know if we need new clothes (or cloth diapers) or not too!

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