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Friday, February 17, 2012

Moms Club Joint Baby Shower

Today I hosted my first baby shower. Leading up to it I was kind of nervous. At first, the shower was going to take place at another members home, but I was still planning it. While our apartment is big, other play groups have been chaotic. The party got moved to our place 2 days before! That made me more nervous. Not only was I baking the cake, but now I had the whole place to have presentable...uh oh was my first thought. I worked hard to finish the cake and even got some decorating done! It helps that RC was pretty good and I was able to do a lot of work after he went to bed.

It went over well though. The kids played in the sun room while the mom's and other guests hung out in the living/dining room. It also helped one of the girls was able to get two girls from church to come supervise the kids so the moms could actually attend the shower! We played Baby Jeopardy, had some great food and punch, and finished off cake! The kids played hard and had fun. RC played with the big kids and looked to be having lots of fun. So much fun that he took a 2 hour nap, then got up for 30 minutes, and took another nap and went to bed early!

Here are some pictures of the event!

 Front Door
 Inside Decor

 The Mom's-to-Be!
Jennifer W (left) & Anne M (right)

Me & the Mom's-to-Be!

The Bath Time Punch!
 (click on the punch photo for instructions by Tidy Mom)

The Cake!
 This took several days to make. All the decorations had to be made in advance to harden. The cake was made 2 days prior along with the marshmallow fondant. The duck is actually a giant Rice Krispy treat as we didn't need that much cake. I used a 3D duck pan for that. That was made 2 days in advance as well so it would hold it's shape.

Day before the party I covered the cake, added the decor, and iced the duck. The day of the party the duck was added to the cake! This was by far my biggest cake yet and I think the most fun to make! Was super cute and could even be used for a rubber duck themed birthday!

The girls with the cake!

All the wonderful gifts everyone brought! One time I was happy for such a long fireplace hearth!

Here is me faking Jennifer out with her gift. She love Thirty-One and for her gift, I just didn't have a wide enough bag to wrap I used my Large Thermal Container as the wrapping. As she was getting it handed to her I informed her the thermal was just the wrapping and I did need that back....she was so bummed until.....

she unzipped it to find.....

the new Mini Utility Bin! I had the baby's name embroidered on it and filled it with some cloth diapers and a wet bag. She was definitely happy she still got some Thirty-One!

 and Anne got some super cute outfits...for the baby, not her of course. ;)

and lastly, RC having fun!
 oh I suppose it was more like he was wore out from jumping....

but once he got to the sun room, he played like crazy. Every time I peaked in he was all over the room playing hard!


  1. Thanks for taking so many great photos! And of course all of the hard work with hosting, making the cake, etc :)