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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Potty Training Adventures

It's that time...the time that your baby isn't a baby anymore...potty training time! That's right RC is taking us on the potty training adventure. Back in July when we went to see my family, he saw his cousins, "Big Guy and Little Guy," using the potty and decided he wanted to do the same.

He would walk around pulling his shirt up and if you let him, walk up to the toilet like he was going to stand there and go. When we returned home, we decided to let him try going whenever he wanted to. I felt at that point, he really wasn't ready. He had no clue when he was wet which I knew would make potty training difficult.

It has been a not even a month of letting him try occasionally and wearing some cloth trainers that he now understands when he is wet. We invested in cheapy cloth trainers that are basically worthless and just like underwear and we invested in a couple really good trainers. So far the Blueberry trainers we got from Abby's Lane (my favorite cloth diaper store) have been the best. They actually hold an accident...unless of course it's a really huge accident which only a diaper would actually contain.

I'm hoping to fix the cheapy cloth trainers to be similar to the absorbency of the Blueberry trainers if I can manage to get some extra sewing time in!

Today to help with sitting on the potty, we invested in a potty seat. He hasn't liked sitting on the potty backwards. He was very excited to get the new seat.

Upon getting home, he wanted to try it out immediately. He even showed it off for a picture with the biggest "cheese" ever!

As we head down this road, I plan to just listen to him. If he doesn't want to wear underwear or trainers...he doesn't have to. If he doesn't want to try peeing in the potty...he doesn't have to. Right now, that isn't often that that happens.

I'm sure we will have many accidents along the way. Hopefully he when he is fully ready, it won't take him long.

So far my favorite thing he has said while trying to go to the bathroom...
"oh's broke!" as he stands there not able to pee in the toilet! LOL

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