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Friday, October 18, 2013

Finally a new nickname

I have finally decided on a new nickname for Little Critter. He just isn't "little." After all at 4.5 months he is weighing in at 17.5 pounds and 27 inches! Not exactly little at 18 weeks.

So Little Critter will now be known as "Tank!" I think it fits him better. He even smiles wen you call him that!

Above is Tank at 18 weeks. He is wearing an 18 month onesie! Yes I didn't miss type...that's 18 months! He is moving into 12-18 month clothing depending on what it is. Some pants are too long but 6-9 are kinda too short and a little tight. So instead, Tank will be sporting some awesome leggings from Babylegs. They are way cuter than pants anyway and make for much easier diaper changes!

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