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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 Months!

Today you are 10 months old! You are strong willed, independent, but still need mommy time! You love the nights you get to have "Guy Night" with Daddy. You are into everything now. You have found your knees to crawl, though you prefer your first method of a military style crawl. It's fast for you. I can just see your brain working when you are on your knees crawling that you just aren't getting there fast enough and you drop to your stomach and literally fly across the room!

You try your hardest to walk, but don't have the balance quite yet for it. You do walk while holding on to the couch, the fireplace hearth, etc. It won't be long before you are up walking, probably more like running around!

The last few days your favorite toy has been the soccer ball Grammy bought you when we were back in Missouri for a visit in October. You also love your stuffed Clifford and Llama Llama as well as your Laugh and Learn Puppy you got for Christmas.

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