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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pregnancy Update 30 Weeks

Finally getting to the home stretch. 30 weeks and counting! Today's doctor appointment was quick. Usually is when you don't have questions. This time I did have one and that was when would they determine if I had to have a repeat c-section.

The answer: it all depends...on whether or not I begin to progress naturally, whether I start to progress and stall, and whether baby or I are showing signs of not enduring labor.

So with that as an answer it still doesn't tell too much, but the doctor did tell me since my pregnancy with RC didn't even get to labor that his emergency c-section won't necessarily be a factor this time around.

She did tell me that they highly recommend those that are trying for labor after c-section have an epidural as early as possible because if an emergency c-section is needed they would have to knock me out instead which could effect the baby. If I already have the epidural then they can just go in and I can remain awake! All good information to know.

Travis probably still thinks I should just tell them to just schedule a c-section but I just don't want that unless it's medically needed. We'll see what happens!

I know am entering biweekly appointments so it won't be long now. While it's still about 10 weeks away...that 10 weeks is gonna fly by fast!

If only I could start setting Litter Critter's room up! Oh will give me something to do later I suppose! I do need to get rid of a chair and make room in our room for the pack and play until his bedroom is available!

I also have my baby shower to look forward to. With RC, I had no friends out here in VA. This time around it will be nice to celebrate with my friends. Now if only some of my family could be here too! I guess I can't have everything! LOL

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