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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Creation Family Devotional

Tonight was the start of our weekly family devotionals with RC. Travis put me in charge of the family devo lessons. We decided to stick with major stories from the Bible...particularly ones that are in RC's Bible! No better place to start than the beginning with creation!

I decided aside from just reading about creation in his Bible, we would do a craft as well! RC loves to glue things and cut things...well attempt to cut things. Our Kingdom Kids has a creation song, so I prepped a page for each day of creation. RC then got to glue everything down and we sang the song. Afterwards I laminated the pages.

For the first one, I think RC enjoyed it. He is still pretty young so he didn't get what we were doing, but now we have the pictures to go with the song so we can continue working on it with him!

Coloring the sky

Even Daddy helped out with the craft.

Trying to figure out how to use a glue stick properly!

Here is our final project!

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