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Monday, April 30, 2012

30 days, 2,700 miles...

Our trip began on March 31st with a drive to West Lafayette, Indiana. RC and I went back to see friends at Purdue. Marie and Melanie both put us up for a night so we had more time to see friends. We had a great time and wish we had had more time to spare; however, we had to continue on our trip.

Checking out the trampoline with friends Ave and Eve!
St. Louis was the next stop to see Great Aunt Jellyfish (aka, my Aunt Julie)! We had one night and half a day to spare in St. Louis. It was filled with McAllister's Deli (I sure do miss that place!), Orange Leaf, a trip to Cotton Babies (Aunt Julie was introduced to a new whole world!), and a trip to the mall.

Great Aunt Jellyfish!
Our next destination was to see my family in Branson. We were able to spend a little over 2 weeks here. It was crazy 2 weeks. RC played with his cousins, we saw some of my high school friends and had a play date with their kids, went to soccer games, had a birthday party, and so much more! Everyday was jam packed with some activity or kids coming down to play. During this time RC learned to say "GO GO GO," popped his upper molars and became quiet the escape artist!

lunch with the kids. Grilled Cheeses! RC LOVED his. He ate half a sandwich plus extra crust from the others.
Nap time. Laying down to watch HOP.
J and his cake I made. He had just bought his iPad so we thought he would think an iPad cake would be pretty cool. He loved it!
RC LOVED his cake. His was the white angry bird.
RC pushing his 35ish pound cousin around!
We finally left on April 19th to head to Fulton, Missouri to see RC's newest cousin Liam. We spent a little over a week with my sister in law to help out while they began adjusting to life with a new baby. RC spent the time watching the new baby, being jealous when mommy held Liam, learned to say "bebee,"  began standing longer by himself and began working on more teeth!
Baby Liam
Sporting his cloth diaper! So cute!
During this entire trip RC kept saying "da da da da da" whenever he missed his daddy. We skyped, but it wasn't the same. Finally on the 28th we headed for home. Around the Louisville area though, we ran into a nasty storm and headed south several hours out of our way to avoid being in the path of the storms for the night. RC did great in the car. He doesn't mind it...too much. 

Heading away from Louisville as the storm started rolling in
Yesterday, the 29th, we finally arrived home after 30 days and around 2,700 miles later!
RC was so excited to see daddy and play with all of his toys! I guess the trip wore him out as he slept over 12 hours was up only a couple hours and went back down for nap!


  1. Wow, what an adventure. I have family in Branson too, I live about 3 hours north of there.

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