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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Real Diaper Week: Nighttime Solutions

Nighttime diapering can be a challenge when cloth diapering. Disposables are engineered to hold a lot of urine, however, many choose to cloth diaper to keep the chemicals and toxins away from their child.

Nighttime cloth diapering can be accomplished. First, layer layer layer. It may take multiple inserts to get enough absorbency for your little one to make the 8 - 12 hour sleep. Check out different types of inserts. Hemp is a great solution. It holds more inch per inch than microfiber, however, it doesn't soak up urine as fast as microfiber.

Our nighttime diaper solution is a Flip cover with aplix (velcro closure) with a stay dry microfiber and 2 hemp inserts. This provides our RC with 10 - 12 hours worth of absorbency. The downside, it makes for a pretty thick diaper. RC wears 2 sizes larger in jammies.

If you are having trouble getting the best nighttime solution, ask around. Check with your favorite retailer and see if they have suggestions on what to try. Don't give up. There's always a solution!

RC in his Tiny Tush Elite 2.0 All Star print

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