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Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Fun Night

RC and I tagged along with Travis for his business trip to DC and Penn State. Last year I tried to get Travis to go to the Medieval Times show. He didn't want to spend the money. For this trip he broke down and went. It was actually his idea! I booked our tickets online and even got us a free upgrade to a "royalty" member.

On Wednesday we sat in lots of traffic but finally made it to the show. We checked in and found out we had FRONT row seats!!! We had to wait around a bit before the show. We checked out our family photo with the princess; which Travis ACTUALLY bought! He NEVER spends money on photos like that. I bought a key chain with the crest for the knight we would be rooting for. It was then time to go sit down!

We got our seats and, of course, we're asked if we wanted to spend more money and get a fabric flag with or knight's crest. We bought one for RC's souvenir and he LOVED it. He waved and waved and jumped and jumped all night long!

Dinner was great...a bowl of soup, huge garlic bread, half a chicken, rib, potato wedges and a dessert! Needless to say we were all full at the end of the night! RC had a bit of garlic bread, but didn't like anything else, so it was leftover grilled cheese for him! He also was great sitting on my back so mommy and daddy could eat dinner...we needed all our hands to eat with.

The entertainment was great! Knights participated in various games. After each game, they tossed flowers to people in their crowd cheering for them. RC got one tossed to him. If there hadn't been a little girl a little older than him next to us, he probably would have gotten the final gift. They also participated in jousting and sword fighting.

Our knight was the Black and White Knight! Unfortunately when it got to the jousting part of the night, he went down in battle first, but he gave it his best! Here are some more pictures from the night.

The Black and White Knight

RC had an absolute blast! I figured he would fall asleep but he clapped and waved his flag ALL NIGHT!
This horse danced around and did a lot of fancy footwork
Sword fighting after jousting

Daddy and RC with the Black and White Knight
Me with the Black and White Knight

Daddy and RC with the bird trainer and hawk


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