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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday (Letter to Your Child)

Dear RC,

I'm not the best with writing, but here goes. When you were born you surprised Mommy and Daddy by coming into this world almost 3 weeks early. That didn't matter. You were and are still strong willed. The moment the doctors laid you on the table in the operating room (Mommy had to have a c-section), you tried to crawl away and do your own thing! You still are that way today. You are very independent, but then there are times that you just don't want to let go of Mommy. You love balls, your Little People play sets, and pushing your truck...or anything really!
Mommy and Daddy welcomed you to our world
One month old. Aunt Jenny took this picture.
When you first began to talk you said "Dada." We were in Germany at the time and just welcoming Daddy back from his business trip. Other words that followed were "Baba" for bottle, "Mom Mom" (which I was so happy to hear you say, but then turned out that was your way to ask for food! Occasionally though you do get out just a plain old Mom which is for me!), "Go go go," "baby," and two days ago "ball!' I love listening to you "talk" to the cat. Every time you see him you start jabbering in a high pitched squeal as you are trying to mimic when the cat meow's.
You love sharing apples with Daddy!
You LOVE the baked beans at Jeb's Diner.
You love to move around, but you have yet to really walk. You will occasionally take a couple of steps, but you are still uneasy on your feet when you let go. You can crawl like a speed demon though! When you escape the blockade from the living room, you can disappear to another room in seconds!
Happy 1 Year Birthday RC! You loved the icing Mommy made for your cake...the cake not so much; however the second cake Mommy made while we were in Missouri, you devoured that one!
You loved the Medieval Times show we went to in D.C. You were 13 months here and waved your flag, jumped, and made noise all night long for the Black & White Knight!
You love to explore things. You watch EVERYTHING to see how it works! You are one smart little man and you are barely over a year old! Mommy can't wait to see you grow into smart, handsome, kind, outgoing man...but please, don't grow too fast! It already seems like if I blink, you will be off to college and leaving us! Stay my baby boy for a while longer.

Mommy loves you RC!
Out for a hike at the local park!

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