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Monday, January 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week 17 & 4 days

Well we have made it to the new year. The year our second little critter will be born in! Last week I had a check up. All seems well so far. I am down another 2 pounds, totally a little over 7 pounds lost since getting pregnant. Still praying that baby is developing well since I am losing weight. At the doctor I have chosen to see compared to with RC's, I am having less ultrasounds to track the growth. I won't know if the baby is developing properly until Jan. 30th.

Which is also when we will find out the gender. If s/he cooperates during the scan! This time around, I feel like I know what it is. With RC, I had no clue, but just comparing the two pregnancies, I feel this one might be a girl. If it is, I hope I can figure it out! I don't do girly...I don't do hair styles, especially on little girls...I don't do dresses...and I definitely don't do pink. Well okay maybe just a touch, but very rarely and it has to be just right! Oh how life will change if it is a girl and turns out to be a super girly girl!
Here are the differences between my two pregnancies. What do you think Little Critter #2 will be?

1st Pregnancy – RC
This Pregnancy
Hardly any morning sickness – I would just get a little dizzy sometimes.
I get sick almost every morning – was worse during the 1st trimester, but still happening.
My hair grew like crazy – it seemed like I was shaving everyday and getting my hair cut every couple of weeks.
My hair really isn't growing that fast – I can go a month or more without a hair cut and I can go days without shaving.
Hungry ALL the time.
Not that hungry. I still eat more often, but very small meals and don't snack much.
Weight gain – lots of it!
Weight loss.
Heart beat 160 about the whole pregnancy.
Heart beat started 160 and dropped to 140 around 16 weeks.

Had bleeding issues during the 1st trimester.

Random mood swings – mostly I get ticked off really easily!

And lastly that I can think of right now – I ache in places that just didn't with RC's pregnancy...particularly around the chest area! You can probably figure out where. ;)

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  1. So glad little Knepp is doing well! Hope you're feeling better. I was sick with both, and as for differences, I think the biggest was having to chase a toddler while being pregnant. The rest is a blur, but praise God they both came out perfectly :)