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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week 18 & 5 Days

Well here we are about a week from my last pregnancy update. I was still 2 weeks out from my next appointment, but due to some pain and pressure that didn't feel quite normal, I called today to question it and they gave me an appointment.

Weight wise I am down another .9 pounds! Go long as baby is growing properly. I won't know that for another 2 weeks!

The pain and pressure...well apparently it's because I'm pregnant. Huh, who would have thought that? LOL The pain and pressure I am having seemed to be very low. With research it seemed that maybe a low lying placenta as the culprit. This could also explain the 1st Trimester bleeding I had. Well this could still be a possibility but won't know for sure until the 20 (well almost 21 week) ultrasound.

The other possibilities are a urinary tract infection or an unbalance in bacteria (kinda like a yeast infection, but not a yeast infection!). Well, it's neither of those. Which in my eyes is a good thing. That would have meant some sort of medicine to fix the problem.

Instead the midwife said it is most likely that I am more attuned to what is happening during this pregnancy because it's my second one. She also said that after your first pregnancy when the ligaments stretch it can feel more painful because they have already been stretched before. She said it's like a sports injury. If you get injured your more susceptible to being injured again and it hurting more the next time!

She also recommended I get a prenatal cradle. All I have to say is it's a good thing it goes under the clothes because I would never leave the house if it didn't! LOL

So okay...I went in today for being pregnant. Well, I'm still glad I did. I'd rather question things than leave them to just happen and find out that something was actually wrong. Especially since RC came a few weeks early by emergency c-section for his cord wrapped around his foot!

It also turns out that the last blood draw they did clotted and they never actually got the CBC ran so I had to give more blood today. So much for them calling me if I needed to come in again for that!

So 2 more weeks and we will hopefully find out what our Little Critter is. What do you think boy or girl?

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