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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sloppy Becky's

So I hate Sloppy Joe's...always have. Yuck! As a kid my mom made what we called French Bread Loaf. I love this meal, however it is A LOT of bread...which means A LOT of carbs. Right now, I am having to control my carb intake each meal to make sure I don't have any pregnancy related issues. Really bad for a carb loving girl!

Anyhow, last night, we improvised and made Sloppy Becky's as Travis called them! I used just the meat, cheddar cheese soup and tomato soup for the meat mixture. Then instead of putting in the middle of a giant French bread loaf and baking, we used hot dog buns (because we had quite a few left over from hot dog night!) Hamburger buns would work too of course!

They were delicious. The only downside for our current family of four...we needed probably twice the amount I made. Usually one package of meat and soups are enough but when putting them onto buns instead...well we found out we would eat more since there is less bread! Oops...chicken nuggets to the rescue. LOL

While I still love the French Bread Loaf for a meal...Sloppy Becky's might become more of a regular on our menu!

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