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Friday, February 8, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week 22 & 1 Day

Well it seems instead of getting an update written here after my 20 week (well almost 21 week ultra sound) I only made the announcement on Facebook. Oops!

Well here is the update finally on how Little Critter #2 is doing and for those not connected to my Facebook...what Little Critter #2 is!

 So far Little Critter #2 is a very active one. During the ultrasound Little Critter was moving all about making it slightly difficult for the tech to get all the measurements needed! Guess this is what I'll have to look forward to as Little Critter gets even bigger and has less room to move.

So far everything is looking good with Little Critter. The tech was able to finally get good looks at things like the heart and brain and she said all is looking fabulous there. The tech estimated Little Critter to be approximately 13 ounces at the time and everything looked to check out. At least with what she was willing to tell me. I haven't had my next OB appointment yet (it's next Tuesday) so I'll find out then I guess if there were any issues they didn't bother calling me with.

Now, here are some pictures to enjoy of my Little Critter!

Face/head shot
When doing the finger count Little Critter gave us a thumbs up!

Saying hello to Big Brother

And introducing Little Critter #2 as

I think it's obvious but if not...IT'S A BOY!

I do hope that RC and Little Critter #2 will be best buds as they grow together!

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