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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week 23 (well close enough!)

Each doctor appointment I look forward to going in and hearing Little Critter's heart beat. This week I had my (late) 22 week appointment on Tuesday. I love getting the early morning or first thing after lunch appointments...except this time! This time, I got to see one of the other doctors so that I could meet him and have a face to go with a name in case he were to be the one to deliver Little Critter. Well let's just say I didn't quite like him....well him keeping me waiting for an hour after his lunch break.

First thing he said when he came in was sorry, which is nice. Sometimes you don't even get that but what I couldn't figure out was what the heck he was doing as I saw what time he came back from lunch and I was the first appointment! Oh well...other than being annoyed to be kept waiting, he then literally found baby heart beat, kept it there for a couple of beats and then handed me my paper to leave.

I sat there with a thought of that's it? That's all. I get to listen for half a second and you send me on my way after keeping me waiting for an hour! Plus he didn't bother to even check the ultra sound notes to make sure everything was good. For all I knew, they forgot to call me with any issues that were found!

Thankfully all was great with the ultra sound. No low placenta like I was wondering. Not too much fluid at this stage like I had with RC. No abnormalities that they found! Little Critter is doing well.

Next appointment....glucose test! Yuck, but hoping they don't mess it up like they did someone else and I have to do it again! That would really tick this prego off! LOL

Prayerfully I will have no high risk issues this time around. With RC it was the too much amniotic fluid. This doctor does have me listed as high risk, but even the doctor yesterday when he asked I said my guess is because I had thyroid cancer or it's because my first came via emergency c-section. He kinda looked at me like I was nuts.

I'm sure you're all still waiting to know Little Critter's name. Well we haven't quite decided yet. Actually this time around I think we could have settled on a girl name before a boy name! With RC we were lacking big time in the girl name department...this time, we are lacking on boy names! Hopefully soon we'll have a name. I'd really like to start referring to him by his name, especially when I talk to him!

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