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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Latest Projects

So at some point a few months back I got it in my head to learn to sew and do a few projects. It first started with wanting to make "unpaper" towels to replace all our paper towels with. I'm not the greenest person, but have really begun to realize how much waste we have. Paper towels was a HUGE one. I could have either just bought some or gotten plain towels to use, but I wanted to make them.

As I gathered everything I needed, even getting a small crafting machine for cheap, I kept looking around for even more things to make. That's when I fell across Veggie Tale material to make cloth books! RC LOVES Veggie Tales so much and is really getting into looking at books that I really wanted to make them for him. So I bought 3 without having a clue how to make them or even if my little machine could handle the project. Crazy...I know, but that's usually what happens with me and projects. I find something I want to do, get the stuff needed for it and figure out how to do it later! There's plenty of tutorials out there after all!

So my start of my sewing projects was the unpaper towels! Thankfully I was able to find someone to teach me how to make them. I went over to her house for a lesson and came home ready to make them. I completed a few, washed them and found out the stitching wasn't going to hold. Back to the drawing board...err rather Karen's house for help. This time around, I got to use her serger and that did the job! All the unpaper towels are finished now and are great! No more paper towels here...except maybe for certain occasions like cake decorating!

My next project...the cloth books. I literally stared at the instructions on the fabric sheet and was clueless how to begin. Back to Karen's again! Karen is an awesome teacher by the way!!! In a couple of hours I had my first completed cloth book! Woo down...two to go!

Now I sit at home with my borrowed sewing machine from another friend trying to complete the books. So far the projects are going pretty well. I haven't messed up much and finally have the machine working long as I keep the speed on the slower end. It doesn't like to go fast! That's okay though because...slow means I probably will do a better job anyway!

After I complete these books it's time to get a very special book made for RC. I decided to try my hand at making a quiet time book for his big brother gift. Yes, I'm nuts, but that's how I do things. I could probably pay Karen to make the quiet time book, but I really want to make this very special Veggie Tale themed quiet time book for RC myself.

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