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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yes My Son Is Still Rear-Facing...

and will remain so for some time. Today my hubby asks me when RC can be forward facing. My response: when he outgrows the seat in rear facing. My hubby didn't exactly like that answer. He is a very specific kind of guy. So I started rattling off the specs of RC's car seat.

We have the MyRide 65 for him. This seat rear faces to 40 pounds. RC is about 26ish pounds. Height in rear facing is 1" below the top of the seat. That should mean RC needs to be about 39ish" I believe before he outgrows the height requirement.

All in all my final answer was between age 3 and 4. I then went on a bit later to explain that the AAP recommends now that children rear face until 2 years old AND until the reach the max requirements for their seat in rear facing mode. Today's seats are getting better and better to keep kids rear facing longer.

Little Critter's seat is the Graco Size4Me 70. It too rear faces to 40 pounds so he too will be rear facing for some time! This household is definitely pro extended rear-facing...even if hubby doesn't quite get it.

After all, if they don't know the difference, why switch them and chance a serious injury when all the statistics support extended rear-facing?

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