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Thursday, June 28, 2012

When Allergies Attack

One thing I really hate...allergies. I have had allergies since I was a kid. Mine are all environmental and pets! Luckily for me, the worst that usually happens is swollen shut eyes. Of course, now that I have my son, swollen shut eyes can be a huge problem! I glad that 1 - 2 Zyrtec a day and I am fine. I can even have pets if I keep taking the allergy medicine and I don't touch the cat and then my eyes of course!

Unfortunately some sort of allergy is attacking my 15 month old! We aren't sure if it is a food allergy or something environmental. The poor boy has broken out in hives 3 times this month already and two of those have been in less than a week of each outbreak. The first time RC broke out was June 7th. We got into the doctor, he had a look and said, I'll send a prescription in for him. Watch him for any breathing issues and take him to the ER if he does. Luckily for RC and breathing issues! RC was on the medicine for 5 days. He cleared up no problem. While on it he had a little breakout when we went strawberry & bean pickin'. One reason I am leaning toward environmental!

The next outbreak was last Thursday, June 26th. We were at a friends house. The boys were playing in the kiddie pool (no chemicals) and running around the yard. Well RC wasn't running, but he was trying! He didn't show signs of a breakout until later that night. The next day, full blown hives. I called my friend just to make sure that her son didn't have any bites or anything as some of RC's spots looked like small bites. The doctor was called and another prescription called in. All was looking good...until Tuesday morning.

We were at Sandy Bottom for our monthly MOMS Club meeting. RC was playing with his friends. I went over to watch him as the playground was really too "big" for him. Not that that stopped him! I noticed he was starting to break out again. I continued watching him. We weren't there that long after he started breaking out and by the time we got home he was covered in hives again all over his body. Thankfully not in his diaper region!

On the way home, I called the doctors office and told them he had broke out horrible again and that that night would be the last dose of the current round of medicine. I also asked them if he should just see an allergist. I didn't hear back from them that day. We got home and he took the last dose that evening. It did NOTHING to make it better. I felt so bad in the morning when he woke up and just looked miserable.

Over the day he got worse and worse. We got a call from an allergist, but no appointment until July 10th. He was put to the top of the call list for cancellations but I wasn't holding my breath. Last night RC took more of the medicine he was put on plus Benadryl and he slept in diaper only. I was thinking maybe since the hives kept getting worse overnight, maybe his pj's were playing a role. This morning he woke looking a bit better and the allergist called with a cancelled appointment for this afternoon!! Woohoo...until I realized his 15 month well check was basically at the same time! We decided the allergist was more important even though the well check couldn't be rescheduled until almost a month later.

Now if the allergist can just have an idea what it might be today that would be awesome! I am hoping RC isn't allergic to the outdoors but if he is, I hope he can take a medicine for it so he doesn't have to be stuck inside! Wish us luck!


  1. Poor little man! I hope you can get it sorted soon. My mum and sister use to have so many allergies but luckily they found a natural health clinic that was able to get rid of most of them and we even ended up getting cats when we were young teenagers :)

  2. My daughter is also currently covered in hives (not as bad as on your side, but still quite bad) which she's had for over 1 week. I only discovered they were hives today by googling it as the doctor was totally uninterested! I would be really interested to hear what the allergist said when you took your son, I was thinking about going to one (for both of us as I also have intolerances) but I am constantly busy with work and parenting that I haven't found the time yet. It's worrying when you have no idea what has triggered it! Well I hope your little guy is doing better now.