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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

Today we went for a fun family outing to Vaughan Fam's Produce to do a bit of strawberry pickin'. RC and Travis love strawberries and it was the final weekend to get it in. It was a fun afternoon. RC had to ride on my back through most of it as he wanted to eat all the strawberries right there. In fact, he got one before I could get the bucket away from him. We would have let him eat more, but we weren't sure if they had been sprayed with chemicals at that point. Later we found out he could have stuffed his face and been fine! Oh just meant that daddy did most of the pickin' for us as RC wasn't diggin' me bending over with on my back. Plus he wanted to eat his snacks!!! Even though it was the end of the pickin' season we still managed to get two buckets worth a little over 7 pounds of strawberries!
That one daddy!
Just chillin' on my back! This is the life! (wish this would have been with my good camera. That sky is great!)
Our strawberry haul! Just look at him eying them up!
As we went to pay we found out there were may peas and snap peas as well. We grabbed two more buckets and went a pickin'! They also had some pretty good deals on squash, peaches and onions. Some of Travis' favorites. He got a huge zucchini for just 50 CENTS to make zucchini bread. He should have enough for a couple loaves!!! For breakfast tomorrow we are going to try our fresh chicken eggs as well!
May Peas (deshelled)
Snap Peas
The rest of the goodies
All in all it was a nice family outing to the farm. RC is already lovin' the strawberries. We now have 1.5 drawers in the freezer filled with them!!!
Prepped for the freezer

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