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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why do I...

always get the bright idea to do a HUGE project, get started and then the momentum just totally slow down or even stop? This happened months ago and is starting again! This time though I have to push though and finish.

Months ago I decided to rearrange our guest room to make it a better office for me. The problem...I got the big furniture moved, but didn't get organized. This became a gigantic mess. My problem now is that we decided to be a welcome family for an exchange student this upcoming year. You are probably thinking...she has several months why worry now? Well, I have to submit pictures of various areas of the apartment, including a picture of the students room. Getting the idea yet?

Yesterday I started tackling the mess. Only as I started I was beginning to find I had no where to go with most everything that is in that guest room! I brought up the idea to my hubby that we should change around closets in our bedroom. We have 4 closets in our bedroom (yeah I know ridiculous right?). Of these 4, one is a walk-in that would make a perfect office! Well that is Travis' closet and he won't give it up. Which, by the way, he only utilizes about a 1/3 of the space with his clothes. It's a totally waste of perfect space. We got to talking and he finally decided our problem is that we just need to get rid of stuff!

Well this came down to mostly wanting to get rid of MY STUFF! Not quite fair, but I do have lots of stuff. The front entry closet was the first to be tackled. Between us we went from a huge mess to having it super organized. I just wish I had taken before and after pictures for our huge disorganized chaos!

Larger furniture was also on the chopping block. My side tables for one. Not too happy about that, but I have something next to the couch that will work for now and at least RC can't crawl under it to escape out of the living room! Today we took a decent amount to a local thrift store that donates to one of the children's hospitals. There is still a ton more to do though! I still am no where near being able to take pictures...of any of the rooms!

Come Monday, I pick up all the rest of the paperwork that is needed for the student's placement. That is the day I want to be able to post the pictures. That gives me one day to really get a ton done. One day to balance RC, other house chores, organizing and deciding what to get rid of, and somewhere in there sleeping!

Wish me luck! I need it!!!


  1. Good luck tackling the mess! I'm always getting rid of stuff but by the look of our house it doesn't look like like I've attempted decluttering at all. I'm a new follower from the hop, have a great week!

    1. I feel the same way Michelle. I get rid of stuff and get rid of stuff, but it never seems like I make any progress! Hopefully this time I will get the job completely finished and not have to worry about such a mess next time!

      Thanks for stopping by and following!