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Sunday, March 25, 2012

RC is ONE!

RC you surprised us by coming early at 37 weeks and 2 days. You were just too excited to see us! You were a cuddle bug in his first few months. There were days you just wanted to cuddle with mommy, but when you learned to scoot about, you became a very independent little boy. You are very strong willed. I can see when you are trying to figure something out. You are all boy. You love to listen to music and "dance" to it. You love to play with the big kids in MOMS Club. You love your monkey blanket and won't sleep without it. You love to jump up and down on your bed. You think mom and dad's bed is for jumping on too. You are learning to stand and love to stand up next to dad while he's laying on the floor and then topple over onto him. You do the same thing on our bed. You loved fruits when you first began to eat solid foods and hated the rice cereal. Now you love oatmeal, still love fruits, and love many veggies too! Your favorite is to "share" apples with daddy. You can giant bites out of it. You learned to use a sippy cup with a straw and finally figured out how to use a regular one too! You now take juice or water from one with a straw and milk from the other. You figured out how to walk holding onto furniture a month or so ago and now you are trying to figure it out without holding onto things. You are growing up way too fast! Mommy and Daddy love to watch you grow and learn. Happy Birthday RC! We love you!


March 25th

9:25 pm
6 lbs 15 oz
19.2 inches

1 year
19lbs 14 oz
30 inches

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