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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


last night was another one of those nights where RC screams in pain...for what seems like hours. It started at bed time when I laid him down...and the screaming began. I gave him Motrin, but he still wasn't wanting to lay down or cuddle (at least not without squirming around like crazy). He played for a while, watch a little Veggie Tales, and then sometime around eleven (3+ hours after his bedtime), he finally would lay down and sleep.

RC doesn't really cry that much. Usually only when he is tired but is fighting it and when he is in pain. His in pain cry is a scream though. An ear piercing scream. So at 3 am I'm awoke to that ear piercing scream. Some more Motrin and 1.5 hours later of fighting him to just lay and cuddle, he finally calms enough to go back to bed.

Today we head back to the doctor. Two weeks ago RC had a double ear infection. After he finished his antibiotics, he started getting fussy again. So, last Monday, we went back to the doctor. No ear infection and nothing else wrong. The doctor said he may have some fluid left causing the pain. Needless to say, the last week has been like RC was a newborn (which he was nothing like). Hopefully we find something out today, but of course, I don't want him to be sick. We would like some answers though. It has been a week of on and off screaming each night. :(

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