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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 adults, 9 kids, 1 CRAZY zoo trip!

 Today's MOMS Club activity...a trip to the zoo! It turned out to be one of the craziest outings yet. We arrive just after opening and the kids began playing in the fountain. After several of the kids slipping on the grates, fountain time was ended.

We then had potty breaks while one of the moms finished nursing her 5 month old. Then the rain starts...very slowly. We got started seeing some of the nearby animals to work our way toward a covered area. After posing for pictures, the rain started pouring down.

It rained on and off all day long. By the time we reached the food area, it was pouring too hard to continue on so we took cover inside after potty break number two was finished. This is when it got crazier. As we couldn't bring in our own food into the zoo, we had to forgo our picnic plans after we finished seeing the animals and buy food there. It was chaos between getting food for 9 kids, 5 adults, taking turns to get food, screaming babies, and spilling drinks! 

Finally the rain stops and we all had finished so it was time for more animals! On we went. The rest of the day was running fairly smoothly until on of the kids found a water spicket, turned it on and shot water out making a huge mud puddle...which of course meant several of the kids getting covered in mud!

On we moved again, getting back almost for the 3rd potty break when one of the little boys decides to just go right in the middle of the walkway. Good thing was he was wearing his swim trunks, so he just went!

We all said our goodbyes after the last potty break and headed home. It was a crazy, wet, yet fun outing with great friends. What's a little chaos when you have great memories to go with them!

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