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Monday, July 30, 2012

No more shopping for milk

Yesterday I went to a cloth diaper/pamper yourself event that had a few vendors as well. One of those vendors was Oberweis. Travis had heard of them at work one day so we looked into it. My initial thought was, if we were only going to get milk delivered the $3.00 delivery fee each week was WAY too much. So we put it out of our minds....until yesterday when they had their table set up, I got to try their chocolate milk (which by the way is fantastic), and found out I could sign up then and get $0.99 delivery each week. Okay now were talking.

I went ahead and signed up yesterday as there is no contract so we can stop anytime with no problems. As I was signing up though, there was a cooler for $24.95 or free if you kept service for 6 months. Hmm....with all my Thirty-One thermals and other coolers we have I skipped paying for that. After all, it was just a Coleman cooler. Not like it was really neat cooler or anything like that.

Last night I received my welcome email and stated my delivery date is Monday and that my first delivery would be today. YIKES!!! Had to get the rest ordered that I wanted. I love that I can just go to the website and place my order for milk, juice, etc. As I was getting my ice cream...bam we'd like you to buy a special thermal for the ice cream that is $4.99. Well let's just say it is EXACTLY like my Thirty-One Picnic Thermal! So I said NO thanks!

Today the delivery guy came. I stayed home to be able to ask if he could use my bags, etc. He just GAVE me one of their bags because he thinks it's crazy to pay for it and he has a "ton of them" as he stated.

Now we have whole milk, 2% chocolate milk, and two flavors of lemonade plus some ice cream, organic chicken nuggets, and sausage to try! The ice cream though, unless it wows me, I won't be buying hardly ever. After all $6.49 (or around there) for a quart of ice cream is pretty expensive in my book!

Now you are probably wondering, if I don't want to pay the extra fees, etc. why have their service? Well their milk is supposed to be one of the best around, comes in glass bottles that get returned for reuse, and I don't have to worry about running out of milk (or at least I shouldn't have to!)

While my hubby and I are not major environmentalists, we aren't huge animal rights activists, etc. we are finding that we want to make some changes in our daily lives. This is just one small step. Instead of plastic or cardboard with plastic lining, we can return the bottles for reuse each week! If we decide we want to keep one, it will cost us $1.50. Not too bad since they are good bottles. Sometime later I will write a post on how we have gone greener.

The bottles fit awesome in the Thirty-One Making Memories Rolling Thermal Tote. The frozen are in Oberweis' thermal, but my Picnic Thermal Would work much better. I think mine has a better thermal lining especially.
This week's delivery of the refrigerated items. I had put the frozen away already. Whole milk for my son, chocolate milk (it was free), and lemonade and raspberry lemonade! All very delicious.

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  1. We LOVE Oberwwise too! This sounds awesome. Found you through a blog hop. Visiting from Would love if you could enter too!