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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not just another outing

Today was not just another outing to

with MOMS Club. The play area is great for a variety of age groups. RC loves it there. While the kids can play, we moms can talk without having to be right in the middle of the chaos...or so we thought!!!

Today was by far the craziest time we have had there. It started with NONE of the kids wanting to stay in the play area. None wanted to play....very weird. RC was making his 'MMM' sound so I got his food early so he could graze as he wanted. This then made it so all the other kids wanted to eat! So got to eat, while others had to wait a bit longer to actually get to lunch time. Yeah...RC had his lunch at 10:30am! Nothing wrong with that considering he took about 2 hours to eat it!

The day continued on with several potty issues, food split all over, drinks spilled...even by moms, finally the kids playing...which also meant, kids coming out crying from something happening. It took a bit for me to figure out, but RC ended up not playing in the beginning because his shorts were too long and he couldn't climb. As soon as I changed him, he went zooming off to go climbing! 

Finally, the play date ended with ice cream sundaes! Even RC got one...well sort of, we shared.

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