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Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Perfect Cake

For this year's 4th, I wanted to make a cake that would be perfect for the occasion. A friend sent me a website with a suggested cake. I used the basic design, but made it mine. I think it came out as one of the best cakes I have made. Everyone ate it up at the party so that was a good sign!

The recipe called for fresh strawberries and blueberries, however, I chose to just use my favorite box mix (vanilla cake) and add coloring to the layers. I have yet to find a white cake from scratch that I just love. Hopefully soon!

Here is how the cake came out!
My favorite design "Patriotic Rose Cake"

 And the inside came out like this.....

Flag design from Better Crocker
 Now I just need more excuses to bake! I really might just start whipping things up and sending in weekly with Travis to work. Just so I can test different recipes, etc.

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  1. Following you now from Mom Blog Monday.

    That cake looks so amazingly beautiful and delicious. Great job!