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Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy 18th X 2

This past week has been a week of celebration. Both KJ and Billy turned the big 18! KJ's birthday was on the 14th and Billy's today (19th). As we were getting closer to their birthdays I just couldn't decide what to do...celebrate both together, have a surprise party with their friends, or just make it a small family affair celebrating each separate. We opted for small family affair celebrating their birthdays separate on their special day.

Aside from deciding what to do for the party, gift ideas were a tough one. Had we been in Indiana still, it would have been easy to just do a Purdue or Colts shirt. Being in VA we don't have a team here we are fans of and ideas for birthday weren't something I was thinking of early enough to order online. So, I had to get slightly creative. KJ was a bit easier. Billy's was definitely creative and well...kinda funny. I'll have to make up for his at Christmas!!!

Each had dinner they requested (KJ pizza and Billy Chinese food), ice cream pie, and of course a few gifts.

Here are some pictures from their special days!

KJ was called out of his room for his dessert. I think he was surprised by it.
Yep...he's full of hot air. ;)
I asked for a picture of the two of them. This is right before. Can you guess what she is asking him?
KJ with his girlfriend Samantha
Present from RC. He wrapped up an itunes gift card in his owl sandwich bag.
A layered gift of loose popcorn (popped), bag of snickers, and a movie gift card.
Nike Elite socks for our basketball player. School colors too.

Billy enjoying his dinner he chose.
Chinese Hot and Sour Soup
Chinese Lemongrass Pork
RC and my dinner. After adding the fish sauce to the pork dish, I was a bit sick and the soup bothered me from the beginning of the cooking process. So thanks to being pregnant, I had chicken nuggets with RC instead!
He's full of hot air too!
RC chose hot chocolate and wrapped it in his sock monkey sandwich wrap. He sure is creative! ;)
Since he didn't give me ideas, I gave him a giant bottle of...
SOY SAUCE! He loves soy sauce...on his eggs, noodles, rice, etc. I think this should last him the rest of the year!
When asked what candy he likes he says "ones that are chewy and resilient." I've been trying to think for days what candy that might be. I think Twizzlers might fall into that category. Now he has 180 individually wrapped ones! And a movie gift card!
Due to lack of ideas, poor Billy ended up with a few gag gifts (I will have to come up with great ideas for Christmas!) The boys one day were discussing if they were an animal what they would be. Billy said he would be a Cola. We were confused at first and then realized he meant Koala. So for our "Cola" he now has...
after he gets off the floor from laughing so hard...
a "Cola" hat for the cold weather!
Billy gave hugs to everyone, even his big brother! LOL
"No mom, stop taking pictures!" Yep this is here for life to haunt you KJ!
Travis decided to eat his ice cream pie with his chopsticks. It worked well for him!
Richard enjoyed his piece of ice cream pie too...
he even put his whole face into it! Mostly because the fork just wasn't working out. LOL
All in all I would say both boys enjoyed their birthdays. Now onto thinking of what the heck to get them for Christmas!

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