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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or Treat?

This Halloween brought another first for RC. It wasn't his first Halloween, but instead his first year to Trick or Treat. We got him all dressed up in the Bob the Tomato costume I scored brand new on sale for $5!!! He LOVES Veggie Tales and especially Bob and Larry.

Right before we started. He was watching the other kids as they were running around crazy.

We went over to a friends house and met up with a large group of other kids so RC would have someone to go with. He had a blast!

Walking with daddy and seeing how it's done.
We headed off down the street! RC didn't know what to do. He liked carrying his bucket but at the first house, by the time I got him to the door I found out he dropped his bucket back by daddy! Oops...candy in hand please! Thank you!
Such a big guy carrying his own bucket. He wouldn't let go of it!
 After that he got it! Occasionally he would get mad when the person giving candy would put it in his bucket for him. He is such an independent little thing and wants to do everything on his own. He literally would take the candy out and put it back in the bucket! 

Our...I mean his, candy haul.
The kinda funny thing is that RC has no clue really what candy is and what he was getting in his bucket. He was just happy to be with his friends and getting stuff from people. LOL
The goods which he didn't get to have but the gummy snacks. Poor kid = happy mommy! ;)
He still has no clue as he was only allowed to have the gummy snacks. Made mommy happy!

I'm sure next year he will be even more eager to head out and beg for candy!

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