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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 11 weeks 5 days

Well things are looking a bit better. At least I still hope and pray that they are! Bleeding stopped sometime last week and I still feel pregnant! So that's good! My next appointment is next Monday at 12 weeks 5 days. Hopefully I will get to see our little critter again to ensure he/she is still moving about.

With the 1st trimester almost over, hopefully some energy will return soon. I have been wiped this first trimester. The nausea is also going away. I haven't had horrible "morning sickness," but I have had instances where if I get too hot I get sick. Needless to say, I can easily wear shorts and a t-shirt right now and feel fine for the most part. Some smells aren't bothering me as much now either, though I think fish smells while I pregnant will always make me want to hurl!

Cravings, I don't have much of yet. That's a good thing as I really need to gain very very little weight with this pregnancy. The midwife thinks that I may have actually had gestational diabetes with RC even though I passed both tests that I took.

I also am battling allergies that seem to be turning into more of a cold now. I have an ear infection starting. I hate being sick...of course I don't know anyone that actually likes being sick, but being sick and a stay-at-home-mom means pretty much no rest. Though I am pretty sure Travis would stay home with RC if I begged and really really couldn't get out of bed. Depending on how my ear feels tomorrow, I may be taking a trip to the doctor.

For now, I continue praying for all to be well. I want to just get through the 1st trimester which is almost over. The doctor said if I get through it, then we should be good to go!

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