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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Movin' Up

Today is a big day in our house...well apartment. RC has been moved up to a big boy bed! Due to the locks for his closet coming a day early, I decided to put his bed together this evening and give it a go! 

He seemed excited about it and climbed right up once I got everything on it.

So proud of himself. RC at 19.5 months.
Before bedtime I spent time cleaning his room, turning all his noisy toys OFF and organizing everything so he didn't have toys in the middle of the floor.

When it came time to getting in bed, we laid him down, covered him up, told him good night, and level than 5 minutes later he wasn't stirring anymore! He didn't budge from the bed.

We'll see what morning brings us. Hopefully if he wakes earlier than normal, he will just play a little which is fine by me!

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