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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Girls Day Out!

First, I apologize this is posted so late! We have been out of internet for FIVE DAYS!

4 moms, 4 kids, 2 cars, 3 hour drive, 2 stores, one fabulous day! That's what last Saturday was like! The main purpose of this trip was to go trying baby carriers at Abby's Lane. It's my favorite cloth diaper and accessories store. We have a store closer to us...much closer actually, but the girls at Abby's Lane are AMAZING! Their customer service and combined knowledge is well worth the three hour drive.

We started off at well more like 7:30ish after a Starbucks run! IKEA was first on the list. I was the only one that had been to the store. In fact, I had a list already made. The girls, Jennifer, Kim, and Stacey were introduced to a whole new store with great products. It took us around FOUR hours to get through the store. This included sitting down for lunch after ONLY finishing the top floor!
First potty break. We were terrible at remembering to take pictures! So this was the first of all us girls. Jennifer, Kim, Stacey, and Me!
My list though didn't get checked off which was a bit disappointing, but then I found some other great products too. RC got an awesome play mat for his cars. It's HUGE! I also picked up a potty chair for whenever he decides to potty train. Five bucks is hard to pass up!

IKEA was definitely an experience for us all. Kim was introduced to tandem babywearing as her 3.5 year old wanted to be carried as well as her 13 month old! It's a good think Stacey brought multiple carriers with her!!! Since I was able to leave RC home, I didn't even think to bring any of my carriers with me. The shopping trip also wasn't complete with a baby bloody nose, chocolate milk down the front of a shirt (because we didn't see the straws to begin with!), and potty accidents (while babywearing. Been there been peed on too! Poor Stacey!)

I was very thankful for all my Large Utility Totes (and Jennifer's too!) We had FOUR of them with us and used them all! Made shopping super easy, especially when we couldn't find the carts!

Kim find out her son likes being worn! This was before her 13 month old decided she wanted to be worn too!

Finally it was time to head to Abby's Lane. When we arrived, we basically had the place to ourselves! That was a good thing as we are a bit of a crazy group. We spent THREE hours testing carriers, looking at cloth diaper accessories, and having a great time. It literally was crazy as we all tried various carriers. The one I wanted wasn't in stock, but the other girls each found one they loved and that their kid(s) loved too!

The outing ended with dinner next door to Abby's Lane and taking pictures in front of Abby's Lane. We weren't smart enough to take pictures IN Abby's Lane.

Jennifer with her Beco Gemini, Kim with her Boba 3G, me with my wet bag and teething pads!, and Stacey with her Ergo!
Jennifer and Me
Stacey and Me
All and all it was a great day. The only sad part was that I did miss any ENTIRE day with RC. There will be many more, but everyday is precious and I do hate to miss them. Mom does need a time out occasionally too though. :)

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