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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good times

This weekend we hosted a cook out. That cook out turned out to be inside due to a rainy day. Luckily the rain cleared out long enough for Travis to grill without being poured on. He is definitely a die hard griller....rain & snow won't stop him!

We ended up having somewhere around 11 adults and 8 - 9 kids at any given time. Let's just say our apartment gets tiny fast and we have a fairly large apartment! It was a blast though.

We had a mixture of friends that Travis works with, friends from my MOMS club, and friends from the church we started going to. Travis cooked enough food for a small army. We will be eating hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats probably for the entire week!!! LOL When the man grills....he GRILLS!

I'm so thankful that we have made some great friends here in Virginia. I will be sad when we have to move or if any of them move before we do. :(

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