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Friday, August 17, 2012

(Not) Just a normal MOMS Club Outing

What do you get when you have 5 moms, 8 kids, 4 baby carriers, 1 stroller, 5 diaper bags, 1 market thermal, 2 about town blankets, 1 thermal tote and 3 cars?

A MOMS Club outing to Colonial Williamsburg of course! This past Wednesday I hosted an outing to Colonial Williamsburg. I have wanted to go since we moved here, but the tickets were just too expensive ($40 for a day pass/person!). Coca-Cola and Farm Fresh recently ran a promotion: buy 2 - 20 packs of Coke or Diet Coke and get two free tickets to Colonial Williamsburg. It was a total score. We were able to go and do more than just walk around for just $13/two tickets. This made for the perfect outing....or so I thought.

The beginning!
Jennifer and the food carrier....I mean stroller.
As with any MOMS Club event, we find ourselves wrangling in kids, dealing with meltdowns and a lot of potty time (between newly potty trained kids and diaper changes!). On a trip like this, the most important thing is definitely a good baby carrier! We had 4 of them. It's definitely the best way to contain new walkers and almost 4 year olds that get tired of walking. While strollers could be used, many of the exhibits we had tickets for didn't allow them inside. With the carrier, we were able to walk right in. 

All in all, it really was a good day. It might have taken us 4 hours to not do a ton, but we still saw a lot, the kids got their reward for the hunt they got to do, and we moms have some mommy time together. What more can you ask for?

Chickens...can occupy them all!
Look mom I can do it!
Yes those are two babywearing mommy's playing badminton.

RC did amazing. He rode the ENTIRE time, getting off my back to just have lunch and to get down at one of the places design. It was amazing he had ZERO complaints and even stayed awake until the very end. Pretty good for a 16.5 month old. He really seemed to enjoy looking around and checking things out. It will be fun to take our two exchange students to as well. It is definitely good family fun.
The end of our trip. We look just as good at the end as we did the beginning!

More pics will come later when, Tori, gets them too me. She took a ton and I'm sure are great shots!

For now here is a blooper of the final shot of the day!
Stupid phone froze up on the final shot and I got this instead! LOL

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