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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My thoughts

about the lunette cup and the ease of it's use!

I really can't believe I didn't try this earlier. I guess the upfront cost of a whopping $40 was keeping me from trying, but really $40 is not much at all when you look at the cost of tampons and/or pads. I scored my lunette cup fro half price from a half price deal site. It is DEFINITELY worth the $40, though I am glad I only spend $20!

There really was no learning curve for this. At least, it is very similar to using a tampon. Of course, initially for inserting it is bigger than a tampon, but once in it is super comfortable, can be worn up to 12 HOURS, and doesn't dry you out!

All those reasons are why I bought it in the first place. I was looking for another alternative. The other alternative were cloth pads or sea sponges. I wasn't digging those as options. My first preference for a menstruation alternative was a longer wearing time frame. Especially for those slow flow days, I didn't want to still be having to change it out every couple of hours. The cup will definitely help in that area.

When I tried mine, I was able to only try it on the final days of my last period, but with the little I was able to use it, I loved it! Especially since those were the days that tampons would be practically dry and just tear me up when changing them.

*Disclaimer: I bought my lunette cup. Lunette has not given or requested anything in return for this review. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

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