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Friday, August 10, 2012

The party of all parties!

Last night I hosted a Thirty-One Tailgate party at my place. Three of my friends were able to come. It was probably the insanest party I have ever had Thirty-One wise. My friends had to bring their friends, which was totally fine, especially seeing as two of them have their husbands still deployed, so their kids are pretty much always with them!

For the most part the kids played in RC's room with Travis watching them all. (I wonder if after last night, if he still wants four kids! LOL)

It really was a good thing my friends are familiar with the catalog. It really is never a dull moment with my friends from MOMS Club!!! Another potty mishap...stinky and RC's car rug had to be rolled up and cleaned. Potty training is a tough time. Another is working on loosing her first tooth and it was bothering her last night. Hopefully it falls out soon.

Even though there was tons of drama and more last night, I think all the kids had fun and that my friends had fun. The food was yummy (pigs in a blanket and turkey crescent pinwheels, plus cookie dough dip and graham crackers!) so that's really what matters right? ;)

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