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Monday, September 17, 2012

Homemade Yogurt

RC loves yogurt, but it is one of those things that is a little on the expensive side. At least if you are looking for a full fat and preferably organic yogurt! So I decided to do a little research on how to make my own. It's actually pretty easy and so far both Travis and RC like it!

Here is what I use:
Stainless Steel Pot to heat milk
Candy Thermometer
Stainless Steel Thermos (+plus sometimes an old yogurt container if I'm making a big batch)
Stainless Steel Spoon
Heating Pad
Cooler (I use my Thirty-One Picnic Thermal!)

Milk (whole milk gets you the thickest yogurt)
Live Cultures (or just go by a small thing of yogurt with active live cultures for your starter!)

1. Heat milk to around 180℉. Stir to keep from burning.
2. Let cool to 110℉. 
3. Add your starter  yogurt. I usually add about 2 Tbsp when I am filling one thermos about 4 Tbsp if I am doing a bigger batch.
4. Stir and then pour into your containers.
5. Wrap your containers with a towel and place in cooler (in my case, my Picnic Tote!) with the heating pad. Zip up and turn on heating pad. *I have to keep an eye on my heating pad. I have yet to find one that will just stay on constantly so I have to check every couple of hours to make sure it is still on. I have made yogurt in just the thermos with no heat on it but it took a lot longer.
6. Leave for at least 8 hours. Let cool a little and place in fridge.

If you like thinner yogurt you are finished. If you prefer thicker Greek style you will need to continue on.

Greek Yogurt
Cheese Cloth
Bowl (if you want to catch the whey and use for something else)

1. Place strainer over/in your sink. If you wish to catch the whey place a bowl under strainer.
2. Place cheese cloth in strainer. I fold mine so it takes longer to strain but doesn't allow thicker parts through.
3. Leave for at least an hour. It is finished with no more whey is coming out.
4. If you leave for too long, you will get more of a cream cheese consistency which means you have yogurt cheese!

*Sorry I forgot to take picture of this part. I will try to do so the next time!

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