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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Finding out they're real

Today Travis and I took RC to the local Christian bookstore to meet Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales. At first I was thinking maybe we should wait as we are taking him later this month to the Veggie Tales Live show and my mom is flying out to go with us...well to really go with RC! I didn't want to ruin the first time he would see them in person.

After seeing his reaction today, it is probably good we took him. His first reaction was a facial expression of "their real? and huge!" Travis set him down and he went running off to meet Larry, until he got closer and diverted down an aisle scared. It took him awhile to warm up to Bob and Larry. Hopefully when we go to the live show and then do the meet and greet after, he isn't as scared.

After a bit, he finally came around and started interacting with them...mostly Larry. Larry is definitely his favorite character. Poor Bob only received a few hugs and no DVDs or toys! RC kept going up to Larry handing him Veggie Tale movies and toys. It was especially cute when he handed a stuffed Larry to Larry!

Poor Bob kept trying to get RC over to him but he just wouldn't go. He refers to Bob as "Bob Bob" and there is no Larry or any version of it yet. The only thing RC did with Bob was use him as a ball...that is a stuffed Bob. He kept throwing him around the store and even threw him to Larry.

 In a few weeks we'll see how he reacts to the show and meeting the characters again. I hope he has as much fun as he did at the Medieval Times we went to a few months back.

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