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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why do we cloth diaper?

Today I walked into Target and saw a lady purchasing a GIANT box of disposable diapers. Each time I see that I am so thankful we chose to cloth diaper.

No emergency runs for diapers when you realize last minute you just used the last diaper.

No spending tons of money of diapers each year.

No looking in the diaper pail/trash and realizing RC just went through 10 diapers in an hour (especially when he was a newborn!).

No adding to the landfill with the thousands of diapers we would be contributing.

Instead, we always have diapers handy and can wash them at any moment to get more!

Instead, we have super cute diapers to show off when RC goes without shorts/pants.

Instead, we are keeping nasty chemicals off RC's tush.

Instead, we are reducing our Eco footprint.

Instead, we have a 17 month old (boy) that is already starting to understand when he is going potty.

Instead, we have more money in our pockets and can reuse all our diapers on future children!

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