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Monday, October 1, 2012

50th Anniversary Cake

 Recently I was asked to do a 50th Anniversary cake for a friends parents. I was very happy to do so as it gave me an excuse to make a cake and decorate it! I love making and decorating cakes. It's something different from my normal routine and let's me be creative! So here is what I put together.

The cake was a 12" round vanilla cake (and super yummy if I might add. I love eating the cake scraps!)

The filling is a delicious chocolate mousse (courtesy of  the "Cake Boss." It was his father's favorite mousse!)

The entire amount of mousse went into the middle of the cake!
It was decided to go with the rose design with a 50 on top!
The 50 part was a bit of an experiment. I outlined the area for the 50 and then filled roses around it. Then I filled the 50 with gold cake sparkles.

My friend's family members seemed to all decided they should be married within weeks of one another. So while they were getting together to celebrate their parents 50th, Jill surprised her other family members with cupcakes to celebrate the other anniversaries that would soon be taking place!

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