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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Car Conversations

Yesterday I picked up the boys from school. KJ started asking if I had some baby things he could use for spirit day today. We talked about a few things the boys could use like bibs & blankets. Then we here from the back....

"can I suck a nipple?"

KJ and I were both shocked with what Billy had just asked. Poor Billy sat in the back with an innocent expression not understanding what he had just asked. Thanks for British English he was only referring to the tip of a bottle and had no idea what the other nipple would be.

KJ explained it to him and I told him he should only refer to anything on the bottle as just a bottle as a whole.

Thank God he asked that question to me rather than going to school today and asking a teacher or another student!

The other funny thing is that at first, I totally thought Billy had asked about a "Soccer Depot." LOL I was not hearing "Can I suck a nipple?" I heard "Can I wear a Soccer Depot."

Hopefully they have fun at school today. I'll have to make them let me take a picture later to add. Both went to school with bibs around their necks and one had a hooded bath towel and the other RC's tag blanket with those plastic loops to make chains for toys!

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