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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My birthday celebration

After the whole mad hatter cake fiasco, I was able to start enjoying my own birthday. This year I turned, THIRTY-ONE! After going to the bakery and finally having the cake deal come to a close, Travis, RC and I went to the park! RC loves the park, especially all the parts of the park that are meant for all the much much older kids!

Later we went to Red Robin to get my birthday burger. Then it was time for our double date! This was the FIRST date in almost 18.5 months that we had been out WITHOUT RC! Thanks to one of my friends, Stacey, for watching him so we could go out.

So what did we do? Bowling! It was a great night. I had scored a Groupon for four to bowl two games and share a pizza. Surprisingly the pizza was actually pretty good AND Jennifer and I BOTH beat our husbands in the first game! OH YEAH!

I won't mention that Travis then came back and whooped us all by scoring over 200 in the second game!

Me and the Hubby!
After bowling we went out for desserts at an Italian place. As much as I take pictures and document things...I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of our desserts (which were amazing) and all four of us! Silly me!

It turned out to be a great birthday!

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