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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One of RC's worst days

This week has already been crazy. First I couldn't sleep until 4 am on Monday morning getting only a couple hours sleep. Then that night, I was extremely tired and thought I'd get a full nights sleep. Boy was I wrong.

RC decided that night he would get sick and not just sick like, oh my teeth hurt, or ouch my ear hurts. No he decided it would be the first time he would puke. Lucky for me, it was my poor hubby that got puked on. After his first huge puke attack, we brought him in to lay down with us. This is a treat for him as he never gets to sleep with us. The lights were off, we were ready to go to sleep and we hear that sound. You know the one. The one announcing more puke!

My hubby got it again, but this time, not just. He ran RC into our bathroom. He didn't think to put him in the shower first so instead RC puked on the floor, then got in the shower for more. When he was finished it was so cute. 

He looked up with a pitiful, relieved face and signed "all done."

He made it through the rest of the night with no other issues. We tried a little bit to drink in the morning on the way to drop the big boys off at school. Just as we pull up...poor RC does it again. I had to strip RC down in the front of the drop off line and spend 10+ minutes cleaning his car seat enough to put him back in.

Poor RC kept signing for milk and something to eat. I felt so bad knowing if he put anything else down, it'd come back up. 

A trip to the doctor was in order. I wanted to make sure he didn't have anything else wrong with him and see if he needed something to calm his tummy. Verdict...ANOTHER ear infection (this makes I think 7 this year) and medicine to calm his tummy.

Oh and by the way, if you want the doctor to come faster when you are waiting for him, just have your 18 month old scream for 15 minutes while he is in with another patient and he'll put you ahead!

Yesterday was such a tough day as a mom to watch my son sign for food and milk and not be able to give it to him. He was so miserable and sad. 

Today he seems much much better. There has been no incident since yesterday morning so we are testing things a little more. Hopefully it all stays down!

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